Gender Pay Gap Review


Reports no gender pay gap

This is J Rotherham Masonry Limited’s gender pay gap report at the ‘snapshot’ date of 5 April 2019.
The mean average pay of men was 1.01% lower than the mean average for women.
The median pay gap between men and women was 2.97%.
The mean bonus awarded to men was 21% lower than the mean for women.
The median gap between bonuses paid for men and women was 259.86% in favour of women.
The proportion of women receiving a bonus is 2.36% higher than for men. However, more men received a bonus in the year.
Women represent 13.13% of lower paid jobs and 23.57% of higher paid jobs.
Our gender distribution was 71.10% men and 27.90% women.

Mean Median
Hourly Fixed Pay 1.01% 2.97%
Bonus Paid 21% 259.86%

Proportion of employees receiving a bonus

Men 2.72%
Women 5.08%

Pay Quartiles


  • Men
  • Women
Men Women
Lower 86.87% 13.13%

Lower middle

  • Men
  • Women
Men Women
Lower Middle 72.10% 27.90%

Upper middle

  • Men
  • Women
Men Women
Upper middle 92.71% 7.29%


  • Men
  • Women
Men Women
Upper 76.43% 23.57%

I confirm the data reported is accurate.

Damian Beadle

Finance Director